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    [ Exhausts ] Fujitsubo RM01A for Integra GSR


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    [ Exhausts ] Fujitsubo RM01A for Integra GSR Empty [ Exhausts ] Fujitsubo RM01A for Integra GSR

    Post by dp on Tue Apr 07, 2009 1:48 pm

    Fujitsubos are mainly for the mid-range. With the Fuji, I can hit 180 with the 3rd gear effortlessly, simultaneously switching from 3rd to 4th when on the road with a wrx. It certainly helps because when you are holding your breath on the 3rd and 4th gear shifts, the wrx would have probably maxed out his 4th gear and lying on the 5th.

    And that's when the effective mid-ranger would do its part in pushing your car beyond 200kph. We can omit the 5th gear of the GSR - Nothing worth talking about. And the best part is that these happened on a steptronic gearbox.

    I reckon the potential would be greater on a manual GSR with a well-tuned aftermarket ECU.

    The horsepower of the car would not be affected. Its a negligible factor. It insteads improve the torque and riding power as explained earlier.

    It's a good world-renowned exhaust system though, widely regarded to regarded as the second best behind Mugen. And with the legal certification it makes things a little sweeter.

    As for the stock exhaust, you can equate it to GSR + Exhaust = GSR. Its just another device.

    To sum things up, yes. The RM01A is an investment at a very affordable loss even when you decide to dekit it.

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