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    Car dent caused by unruly youths


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    Car dent caused by unruly youths Empty Car dent caused by unruly youths

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:05 pm

    [img]Car dent caused by unruly youths Car_de10[/img]

    a group of unruly youths were dashing across a traffic junction at Wheelock Place, when two of them fell onto this car, causing a huge dent on the bonnet.

    The driver said:

    "Everyone's heard of pedestrian being the subject of a hit and run, how about the other way around?

    "My car was stationary beside wheelock place waiting for the main junction to turn green so I can proceed straight towards centerpoint, the time was about 2200 on 17th April.

    "I was the third car from the front and the second row from the right of the road when all of a sudden, around six male youths below the age of 20 whom looked like they just enlisted in national service not too long ago, given their shaven hair, were dashing into the road, running between the gaps of the cars as though they were playing some dangerous game.

    "Unfortunately, one of the boys collided with another who were at the other side of the car in front of me and they both fell onto my bonnet.

    "Imagine the shock I had from the unexpected impact from youngsters running in the middle of the road under such heavy traffic! By the time I regain my senses they have already ran past my car.

    "I was alone in my car and did not considered leaving my car in front of rows of traffic so I can give chase as it is highly unlikely I can catch them anyway given their ample headstart.

    "Nonetheless, the impact dented my car's bonnet, which is barely six months old.

    "I tried to made a police report only to have it be told that there is nothing that can be done, which is pretty much to my expectations anyway.

    "I thought that LTA could be of some assistance since they may have a junction camera installed that might have captured that incident, but the hotline wasn't useful as well.

    "So at the end of the day I am forced to bare the cost of repairs for a collision that was completely not my fault.

    "There were many witnesses to this incident as the area outside wheelock place was rather crowded and there are many cars around me, I can only pray for the minute hope that a fellow stomper bore witness to this incident and have some knowledge to their identity.

    "Such delinquents should be taught a lesson as they pose a danger to themselves and the people around them."

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