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    ROAD TEST Toyota IQ


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    ROAD TEST Toyota IQ Empty ROAD TEST Toyota IQ

    Post by Admin on Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:58 pm

    ROAD TEST Toyota IQ Iq_str10 ROAD TEST Toyota IQ Iq_str10 ROAD TEST Toyota IQ Iq_bac10

    Review of the smart car earlier this year. Pulling some associations with the Daimler AG group, the smart fortwo showed us exactly how much fun these city cars could be. Its vibrant interior was matched by the direct handling of the car, even though the power from its miniscule 1.0-litre engine was hardly enough to get us excited.

    But beyond that, it's hard to look past the fact that this, and nearly every other city car on the market, only seats two! They usually say four, but we're well aware none of us are the size of a grasshopper.

    That's where the guys at Toyota questioned the very nature of the micro car, and after some thought, stubbornly refused to admit the fate this segment was doomed to.

    So they came up with a car they proudly proclaim as, not a four seater, but rather a 3+1, realistically seating three adults and an extra seat for a child or your bag.


    And that's the iQ. Doesn't quite look like a trail-blazer does it? In fact, I think it looks more like a rabbit with that button nose of a fascia.

    You'll also notice those pronounced wheel arches that blend right into both the front and rear bumpers of the car. Just like the smart and the Subaru, these vehicles try and maximise as much space as they can out from their chassis, so you find the wheels always at the furthest corners possible.

    As you go along the side of the car, another gentle "V" crease from the A-pillar gently sweeps back and ends off at the tail lights where the same clean treatment from the front and side is administered.

    I actually love the proportions on this Toyota. The specs read 2,985mm in length (2,695mm for the smart), 1,500mm in height (1,542mm) and most crucially, a width of 2,000mm (1,559mm). And it's that wide, low figure that not only gives the iQ a stable stance, but translates into more space on the inside than its competitors.

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